I injured myself from lifting a full 5 gallon water-cooler bottle onto the cooler stand; twisting around to answer a co-worker who was asking me a question, I felt a rush of heat starting at my neck, followed by extreme discomfort. I remained at work, but that night when I was home, I could not find a comfortable position to sleep in. Normally I sleep very soundly, but my right arm had the lingering painful sensation like when you hit your funny bone. All I could do pop some Advil and wait for sleep. As soon as the Advil wore off, the pain woke me up. I stayed entrapped in an Advil loop every 3-4 hours for a full week, until I realized the pain was not going to vanish on its own.

Being in chronic pain was unacceptable. I needed help. I pass Dr. Pieratti’s practice on my drive to and from work. I knew I had to stop in. That day began my path to full recovery. I am grateful.

So many people suffer from chronic neck and back pain; it destroys the quality of life. The treatments offered by conventional medicine are drugs and surgery; both are invasive, risky and not at all conducive to helping the body work optimally as designed.

If you are reading my testimonial, it means you came to the right place! Dr. Pieratti knows what he is doing. He is skilled, dedicated, and he cares. Keep all your appointments & reap the benefits of being restored to health without drugs or surgery.

Sharon J. Carmel, NY


I have been a patient of Dr. Pieratti's for 22 years; in that time, I have come to develop a lifestyle that includes exercise, healthy eating, supplementation, and chiropractic care. Recently, I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD. After informing Dr.Pieratti of my condition, and the medication prescribed, he began a course of treatment that involves the "Para-sympathetic" nervous system. Dr. Larry is an expert in breaking down difficult terminology and explaining the concepts in layman's terms. I am confident that this course of all around treatment is the best way to go. In all my years of care, I have had nothing but success in maintaining my back and spine in the healthiest possible condition. Dr. Pieratti is a caring, knowledgeable practitioner of his craft; thank you, Dr. "L"!!!

John R. Carmel, NY


My condition before seeing a chiropractor included chronic cramps, colds, low back pain, mid-back pain, and occasionally a stiff neck. I previously sought help with a variety a pain killers. The ibuprofen was my best friend! Then my mother brought me in on “patient appreciation day.” Dr. Pieratti adjusted my spine so that my body can work at optimum efficiency. I was amazed at the painless technique employed by the doctor. Now, I am able to do those things I so enjoy-drum corp., outdoor activities, skiing (both winter and summer), and other physical stuff!

A considerable improvement I have noticed in my condition: I do not get headaches anymore, I am healthier, no more cramps, and the back pain is a thing of the past! Let me encourage you to open your mind regarding chiropractic. I was skeptical at first, but Dr. Pieratti helped me to see the rightness of my choice to come to him. An ounce of cure can go a long way. So, if you know someone in pain, don't wait until they have “tried everything else,” tell them to come here NOW! I am pain and pill free.

Lori A. Hopewell Junction


I was suffering from lower back pain causing acute discomfort in getting up in the morning as well as difficulty with walking. After, a couple of weeks attempting to self-heal, I at last sought out Dr. Pieratti for chiropractic care. Being encouraged by my husband and my daughter, I visited the office. Dr. Pieratti gave me a thorough examination and x-rays. He found some of the discs in bad condition.

A schedule of visits was set up, and after a couple of weeks, the pain had lessened to where I could resume my regular activities. These include: crafts and crochet. My back pain affected my routine as a housewife. Now that I am under chiropractic care, I am able to take care of my home without pain. I recommend chiropractic to everyone. I have been tremendously helped in the past and am being helped today.

Mary G. Clinton Corners


  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."

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